First Defenders

First Defenders is a prayer initiative to help a man begin or renew his God-given task of protecting his family.

It encourages a husband and father to quietly begin or faithfully continue leading his family spiritually.

Men in this association are encouraged to follow Saint Joseph's example of humility--speak little, love much.

What are some benefits?

1. Develop the habit of praying a hedge of protection around your family.

2. Explore your calling as spiritual head of the family and avoid common pitfalls.

3. You do not pray alone. Other men in this association will be praying for you and your family, too.

How do I begin?

Subscribe with your email below. We won't share, sell or rent your information - ever. Download our one-page PDF to print and have handy to use in prayer each day. Beyond that, just take a few minutes each day to offer prayers of protection for your family at a time and place of your choosing. That’s it.

No meetings. No conferences. No time away from family. Just stop a few minutes each day and pray for the safety of your family.

Pass this along to other men. Our shaky nation needs the stability that will spread as one by one each man steps into his proper place as spiritual head of his family.

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Please reach out to Michael for more information

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